Hybrid Learning Structure

COMPLIANCE UTM is a hybrid or blended learning environment where 60 percent of the experience is available digitally, reducing costs and time away from campus for travel and increasing your available time to learn or update skills. The US Department of Education study, “Evaluation of Evidence-Based Practices in Online Learning,” compiled research from more than a thousand studies that measured the effectiveness of online, hybrid and in-person learning. The main takeaway from the report was that students  found hybrid learning to be the most effective form of learning.  In today’s economy, adults are increasingly expected to develop and manage on-going life projects combining work and education, in order to acquire the necessary skills to carry out their professional and personal careers (Brown, Green, & Lauder, 2001, Crouch, Finegold, & Sako, 1999).  Adulthood is thus redefined and perceived as a period of maturity with continuing change. All these changes call for a new re-conceptualization of the role of education, training and learning in societies in the 21st century. COMPLIANCE UTM is part of that reenvisioning.